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Click here to read stories from the children who attended Summer Camp 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, most camps were closed this year for the summer. However, in keeping with the restrictions, one camp in Manitoba was opened for Day-Camp only, during two weeks in August. Upon short notice they successfully ran their programs and many children were blessed. Let’s hear from the directors themselves, “2020…… How can you sum up this camp year but with the word different.  It was a hard decision for the board of Silver Bay Bible Camp to decide to run a day camp this year during Covid.  What would it look like?  Will it be safe?  Will parents send their kids?  We took a step of faith and decided to go with two weeks of day camp with an emphasis on ministering to the kids around the Steep Rock area.

It turned out that we were full for the first week of camp and half full for the second week.  We were encouraged to see that a number of the campers from the Fairford Reserve came and actually enjoyed having day camp instead of an overnight camp.  We also realized that we have a great opportunity with the campground in Steep Rock.  There are 300 sites there and we had a few campers that came for the week because they were camping there.  We had always wondered if a day camp would work and we now know that there is a need.

Because we did not have an overnight camp we were able to invest a bit more time into our counsellors when the campers were gone. The first week we did an inductive bible study on the book of Titus and the second week our son-in-law who is a pastor spoke to the counsellors each morning in a chapel session.  The counsellors were excited about what they were learning and hopefully took away some tools that will help them study the Word of God on their own.

So Covid 19 brought challenges as well as blessing this year to us.  We are hoping and praying that next year we will be able to run our overnight camps as well as a week of day camp.  Thank you so much for your support.  This was a hard year financially with the cost of running camp so we appreciate SCA’s continued support.  Every year we hear from the parents that they could not send their kids to camp if they had to pay for the actual amount it costs us for a camper to attend camp.  God has been so faithful every year for the past 81 years in providing people, money and supplies.”

To you our supporters, we could not have done this without you. Thank you so much! We are privilidged to be a part in sponsoring 25 children to summer Day-Camp this year even through the Covid-19 difficulties and restrictions.

We anticipate that next year we will be able to sponsor children for both day-camp and overnight camp (as you yourself have heard from the children themselves their desires, in the above mentioned link) and that we will be able to sponsor many more children across Canada to atend camp 2021.

For Kids and Teens in Need.

Camping experiences change and mould lives, especially young lives. But not every child, teen, or family can afford them. Many Christian leaders today trace a good portion of their passion to follow Christ and their desire to impact the world to camping.

SCA International helps underprivileged fire-62730_1280children, teens, and families have exactly that kind of opportunity. We do that with the donations of those who believe in Christian Camping. We use SCA revenues to send people to solid Christian camps in Canada as near where they live as possible, giving them the experience of a lifetime.

Why Donate?

When school is done and summer is starting, many of us are looking forward to fun times and going away as a family. For many of the kids from the areas surrounding Christian camps in Canada, summer means boredom and loneliness as they are often left with nothing to do, no one to be with, and nowhere to go. You can help change that!

Your gift to SCA General of $250 with a “recommendation” that it be used for this purpose could transform a child’s summer and has the potential to change their life for eternity (camp fees can range from $200 to $800 per week depending on the camp and its location).

We trust that you would prayerfully consider helping us by supporting this program, to allow us send more children to camp who would not otherwise be able to without our help. May God bless you as to make your pledge or contribution. You will receive a Tax Receipt for income tax purposes if you give directly to SCA International by cheque, Credit Card, or direct deposit OR you can also give online through Canada Helps and receive a tax receipt directly from them. Whichever you choose, we look forward to hearing from you and in anticipation, thank you so much!

Four Things You Can Do.

  1. Help SCA International to do this (donate here)
  2. Join our mailing list so we can keep you informed of what is happening in this regard
  3. Contact us by email or call us at 1.877.474.2689 to recommend children or teens who can benefit from a Christian Camp Experience as close to where they live as possible.
  4. Pray for this aspect of our ministry.