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SEND-A-CHILD to summer camp 2023!!

 Stay connected for stories and pictures coming soon!


Summer camp 2023 is now over. Our mission has sponsored children from two provinces this year; Manitoba and Ontario. These camps included: Silver Bay Bible Camp, Camp Medeba and Toronto Alliance.

We are privilidged to be able to have this opportunity once again for the eight consecutive year to sponser childre to camp, who may not have otherwise have this opportunity to attend. We have learned this year that Covid-19 still had some negative effects on some camps and this allowed them to reopen for a lesser period due to the lack of staff. This lead to children who wanted to go could not becaue of space being filled up quickly.

SCA learned about this challenge when the numbers began to reduce closer to the statr of camp and we want to take a closer look at this and possible offer to those children the opportunity to attend winter camp next year instead. AS for summer camp 2024, we hope to work with more camps for the summer and offer to sponsor workers to allow for an extra week of camp to allow children the opportunity to attend.

Inn order to do this we will need your help.To you our supporters, first of all we say thank you for your support. It has enabled us to be a part in making a difference in the children's lives for eternity. We ask that you budget with us for 2024 and help us in our endeavour to sponsor an extended week of camp and children to attend. 

When we read of the salvation and baptisms that took place, we regret learning about the children who because of space and lack of workers, they couldn't attend. To miss camp for one year, is a long time for children to miss during the summer season when they are home from school.

Stay tuned for some stories and pictures from summer camp 2023

For Kids and Teens in Need.

Camping experiences change and mould lives, especially young lives. But not every child, teen, or family can afford them. Many Christian leaders today trace a good portion of their passion to follow Christ and their desire to impact the world, to camping.

SCA International helps underprivileged children, teens, and families have exactly that kind of opportunity. We do that with the donations of those who believe in Christian Camping. We use SCA revenues to send people to solid Christian camps in Canada as near where they live as possible, giving them the experience of a lifetime.

Why Donate?

When school is done and summer is starting, many of us are looking forward to fun times and going away as a family. For many of the kids from the areas surrounding Christian camps in Canada, summer means boredom and loneliness as they are often left with nothing to do, no one to be with, and nowhere to go. You can help change that!

Your gift to SCA General of $80 or more with a “recommendation” that it be used for this purpose could transform a child’s summer and has the potential to change their life for eternity (camp fees can range from $80 to $800 per week depending on the age and type of camp activities as well as its location, but any amount will make a difference!)

This year, 2023 with Covid restrictions out of the way, we want to send as many children as possible to camp for one week.

Would you please prayerfully consider donating to help us not have to turn any child away that asks for help? May God bless you as to make your pledge or contribution.

You will receive an official Income Tax Receipt for any donation of $20.00 or more. You can give to SCA International by cheque, Credit Card, Direct Deposit OR you can also give online through Canada Helps. For Canada Helps donations, you will receive a tax receipt directly from Canada Helps. Whichever way you choose, we look forward to hearing from you.

Four Things You Can Do.

  1. Help SCA International to do this (donate here)
  2. Join our mailing list so we can keep you informed of what is happening in this regard
  3. Contact us by email or call us at 1.877.474.2689 to recommend children or teens who can benefit from a Christian Camp Experience as close to where they live as possible.
  4. Pray for this aspect of our ministry.


List of CAMPS to where we Sponsored Children to attend: 2016-2022

Camp Medeba, ON

Silver Bay Bible Camp, MB

Salvation Army Newport Adventure/Toronto Alliance Church, ON

Camp Mini-yo-we, Port Sydney, ON

Camp Widjiitiwin, Muskoka/Hughson Street Baptist Church, ON

Turtle Mountain, MB

Camp Sagitatwa, BC

Inner City Outreach Ministry, Toronto, ON