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Request copies of our Gospel of John booklet entitled, “Can Anything Last Forever?” for your distribution.


SCA International started our Bible Distribution Program in 2018 with one goal…deliver the Gospel of John to every home in Canada. With your support, we have been able to have a significantly larger second printing of the Gospel of John booklets.

With many booklets in stock, we want to hear from churches, groups or individuals willing to partner with us. Please call our office for more details on how to receive the booklets and expectations for your distribution. We hope you will consider partnering with us in this program.

We are using the "Free Bible Version" by translator Dr Jonathan Gallagher. To learm more about this version visit:

Partner with us…

So will My Word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”
—Isaiah 55:11

By partnering with SCA International, you will be a key part in the spreading of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the peoples of Canada. Canada is a vast country made up of people from many nations and this mission field is great. There are many places and people that have not yet been reached with the gospel. We are dedicated to reaching all who would benefit from this ministry within this great country and we need with your help.

How it Works

We will provide you with the Gospel of John Booklets. You may either pick them up or we will mail them to you. Let us know the number of booklets you need, the purpose for acquiring the booklets, and the community or area to which you plan to distribute them. This information will allow us to know who have received the booklets and where we need to reach in fulfilling our goal “to distribute the Gospel to every home in Canada”. Thank you for your partnership with us in fulfilling this goal.


We ask that you prayerfully consider sending a donation to help us cover the mailing and printing costs, to ensure we always have a ready supply. For your distribution you may use Canada Post, of which you will pay the mailing cost or, you may choose to hand-deliver them. Feel free to add your church or group information flyer; address, etc., with your delivery. When you promote this activity, indicate something such as: “as a mission outreach you are partnering with SCA International to accomplish their goal of distributing the Gospel of John to every home in Canada”. We would appreciate a report of the stories or testimonies you will receive from your distribution. These information will be use in our promotion.



We are very pleased to tell you, as of December 2020 eight churches from a few provinces namely, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and New Foundland have partnered with us and distributed the Gospel of John booklets into homes in Canada, along with two individuals and SCA staff, through Canada Post and by hand bringing us to a total of approximately 73,165 booklets distributed so for since the start of the program. Other churches and individuals have received our package of the booklets for consideration but this have been delayed due to the pandemic. However, we believe God’s timing will happens in the near future and we look forward with great anticipation that we will have a breakthrough in this program, because we know it is His will for the Gospel to reach everyone as a witness before His coming. We believe there’s power released when someone open up His Word and we pray for souls to come into the Kingdom in every booklet distributed. The gift of grace made available through Jesus’s proven love for us on the cross once and for all, is waiting to be received by many so we will keep on distributing. Our recent numbers are:

Gospels Distributed       Distribution Partners       Communities

74,000                               18                        25


A Success Story

A woman who received a Gospel of John booklet called and told us her story…

Something told me to pick it up and read it and I did after this strong prompting. She then called the office and related her story and her lack of knowledge about the Holy Spirit and her desire to know more. We graciously explained to her that it is that Holy Spirit, prayed with her and encouraged her to attend the church who delivered the booklet to her home and speak with someone. She attended church as a result of receiving the Gospel through this means. PTL!

Some of the Post Office workers, were delighted to take home the extras to their friends and families and were amazed that we would do this during a pandemic.

One pastor called from Florida and requested more because of the easy to read version.

Others just love the look of it and how covenient the size is to carry with them.

Booklet Recipient

Share Your Success Story

Has your church or organization partnered with SCA International to distribute the Gospel of John and do you have a salvation story to share? Download our consent form and email the completed form and your story to